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Here at we’ve released a new supplement line called ELITE. The new ELITE line is designed with goal focused formulas, the highest quality trademarked ingredients, and 3rd party tested for banned substances. These are banned substances by organizations like the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), collegiate organizations, and other professional teams. The ELITE line was designed for all athletes to take their training to the next level. Let’s break down how each one could help you and the different ways to stack them for optimal performance. 

ELITE Ultimate Stim Pre

Elite Ultimate Stim Pre

ELITE Ultimate Stim Pre is created with five scientifically researched, trademarked ingredients and delivers the ingredients aimed at helping you reach that next level. It is designed to prime your mind and body by boosting energy, enhancing focus, enhancing blood flow, boosting power and endurance and promoting hydration. It’s designed so that it can be used for any type of training as long as you’re not opposed to caffeine. 

How to stack with other ELITE products

Ultimate Stim Pre & Power + BCAA

Taking this stack could potentially take your training to new heights especially if you’re taking the Power + BCAA during your workout. The combination of these two helps round out and provide you with the ingredients needed to help you enhance power and strength.

Ultimate Stim Pre & Advanced Test

Advanced Test is designed to support testosterone levels, there is no reason you can’t stack the two together. Advanced Test may help enhance your testosterone levels especially as you age, while Ultimate Pre primes you for those workouts day in and day out. It’s a great stack especially for those guys who are getting older. 

ELITE Ultimate Pre Stim-Free

Elite Ultimate Pre Stim-Free

If you’re not one to take a pre-workout with caffeine or workout late at night, then ELITE Ultimate Pre Stim-Free is for you.This isn’t just another pump product disguised as a stim-free pre-workout. The foundation of this supplement is three trademarked ingredients to help with promoting blood flow, boosting power and endurance, promoting hydration and increasing overall performance without the stimulants. 

How To Stack With Other ELITE products

Ultimate Pre Stim-Free & Energy + BCAA

This is a great duo for someone looking to get some stimulants but not as much as the Ultimate Stim Pre. It only has 75 mg of caffeine compared to 300 mg. If you need that little boost without going overboard, then this could be the right stack for you. 

Ultimate Pre Stim-Free & Thermo + BCAA

If your goal is to drop fat, but not overdo it on caffeine since a lot of fat burners have it, then this could be the stack for you. While the Ultimate Pre Stim-Free has no caffeine, the Thermo + BCAA has 150 mg per scoop. Taking this combo before you workout, not only will prime you for your workout, but may also help your body be prepared to burn more body fat.

Ultimate Pre Stim-Free & Power + BCAA

This stack is the ultimate stack for a great workout without having to worry about any caffeine. On top of all the potential benefits Ultimate Pre Stim-Free gives you, you’ll also get more ingredients that may help you boost your power and strength for any type of workout. 

Elite BCAAs


Looking for a supplement to help get you through work or any daily task? How about a supplement to help kick that energy drink or coffee habit? If so, ELITE Energy + BCAA is for you. It has three trademarked ingredients that work cohesively to give you more energy and sustained focus throughout the day. With 75 mg of caffeine per scoop, it could be the perfect little pick-me-up. 

How To Stack With Other ELITE products

Energy + BCAA & Ultimate Pre Stim-Free 

Like mentioned above, this duo is great for those who want a little caffeine but not too much in their preworkout. The Ultimate Pre Stim-Free will provide you with all the other ingredients to help your training is optimized. 

Energy + BCAA & Ultimate Stim Pre

This stack is going to be totally dependent on your sensitivity to caffeine. However, some people like to take a stimulant pre-workout for a morning workout and then need a pick-me-up later in the day. That is where this stack is great. If you need that extra energy for the day in the early afternoon, stacking these two will be perfect for you. 

Energy + BCAA & Thermo + BCAA

When it comes to losing body fat, you have to be in a calorie deficit. When you’re in a deficit, you can sometimes lack energy which is why this bundle is for you. The Energy + BCAA will give you the ingredients to help keep your energy and focus up while the Thermo + BCAA will provide you with ingredients to help you burn more calories and fat. 

Energy + BCAA & Power + BCAA

Trying to build some muscle mass and strength but don’t like all the caffeine some pre-workouts have? This could be the combo for you. On top of the energy and focus you get from Energy + BCAA, Power + BCAA will provide your body with ingredients to help you have more power and strength in the gym. 


Following a good diet but need something extra to help you lose that fat? ELITE Thermo + BCAA is the product for you. It is formulated with two trademarked ingredients and other known ingredients to help with fat metabolism, enhance calorie burning, and provide you with energy. 

How To Stack With Other ELITE products

Thermo + BCAA & Ultimate Pre Stim-Free 

While Thermo + BCAA is going to give you the energy from caffeine and potentially help you with burning more calories, you still want a pre-workout to help enhance blood flow, provide you with more endurance, and increase performance which is why this is a great combo to have. 

Thermo + BCAA & Energy + BCAA 

As mentioned above, you have to be in a calorie deficit to lose fat. When you’re in a deficit, you can sometimes lack energy which is why this bundle is for you. The Energy + BCAA will give you the ingredients to help keep your energy and focus up while the Thermo + BCAA will provide you with ingredients to help you burn more calories and fat. 

Thermo + BCAA & Power + BCAA

Is your goal to lose body fat but keep your strength up? This duo is for you. While the Thermo + BCAA has the ingredients needed to potentially help you lose weight, the Power + BCAA has the ingredients to potentially help you maintain that power and strength throughout your workouts.


Trying to build muscle and strength? Then, ELITE Power + BCAA is a must try. It contains three trademarked ingredients to help enhance power output, promote muscular endurance and strength. 

How To Stack With Other ELITE products

Because it doesn’t contain caffeine, ELITE Power + BCAA is versatile and can be used with any ELITE product depending on your goals. It is definitely a great addition if you want to maintain and/or improve your strength and power. 

ELITE Advanced Test

Elite Advanced Test

Is age catching up to you and testosterone levels not where they once were? ELITE Advanced Test might be the right product for you. With four trademarked ingredients to help enhance your testosterone production.

How To Stack With Other ELITE products

Because Advanced TEST was designed to help promote healthy testosterone levels and no other ELITE products were, it can fit perfectly with any other ELITE product. 

The ELITE supplement line was created to help with any goal you have. It really just depends on what your goal is, how sensitive you are to caffeine, and what your budget is to find the right stack with these supplements. Get to work!

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